End of depression and the start of something new

3/23/2018 Well all my roommates are pretty cool. I definitely owe a Big shout out to Ben, and Jesse they saved me from my eviction, and yet again I owe a bigger shout out to Mike the ex military ranger I was talking about. These guys came all the way down from New Hampshire during a Nor’easter to help me […]

What am I doing with my life?

3/19/2018 Well being at the farm is way better than being homeless. Technically I am still homeless but I have a roof over my head which I am grateful for. Mike the coordinator of DV Farm has been through it all homelessness, incarceration, begging on street corners, daily fights, he’s been stabbed. He actually said to me he has more […]

Before Enlisting into the Military

3/16/2018 I have a disability that gives me super powers. It’s scary but it’s true, I have bipolar. It sometimes leads me to getting arrested. When I was a kid early teenage years I would use to steal from the mall. Sometimes in quantities that would definitely get me busted for a felony. I was manic it was part of […]

Admiration of college students and the Farm owner!

3/15/2014 Anxiety is a BITCH. I had a talk with one of the volunteers from Rutgers I had told her that I stopped taking my medications, well all the ones that are take as needed. She said at least I have a good support system and other male influences to keep me in a good mood. I’m actually in a […]

My homeless veteran buddies are nothing but gourmet chefs/ Meds

3/11/2018 Wow these guys really know how to cook. I need to step my game up. Already I’ve literally had gourmet chicken pot pie, stuffed peppers, even the tuna fish sandwich and grilled cheese were gourmet. I’m starting to miss my family a little bit. More importantly I’m worried sick about my brother, it’s not bad enough that I’m homeless, […]

Move to DV Farm

Yesterday 03/08/2018 I made one of the most biggest decisions of my life. I moved to a sober living/homeless farm, DV farm in Gilsum, NH. They have ducks, chickens, goats and a llama. I’m excited to be here however, I left my whole entire family behind in Massachusetts. I have zero responsibilities right now on the farm which is good […]