End of depression and the start of something new

3/23/2018 Well all my roommates are pretty cool. I definitely owe a Big shout out to Ben, and Jesse they saved me from my eviction, and yet again I owe a bigger shout out to Mike the ex military ranger I was talking about. These guys came all the way down from New Hampshire during a Nor’easter to help me move. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m doing everything within my power to pull my own weight, I mean these guys cook dinner for me, tonight I was on my own because the left overs were so good. I had a pork loin sandwich. Tank our house dog is all on my lap right now, I’m so happy that the farm got a second dog for our house. It’s almost time to take care of the birds and the “four leggeds” as David likes to call them. Today Jesse helped, well practically set up my whole website just so I can blog. I couldn’t be more grateful. I mean he even threw up my latest Every Rebel Tshirt on the website. Check it out!

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31 year old male Veteran of the US Army National Guard. Alcoholic , Addict in recovery.

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