Tried something new today…

I tried something new today! I ran a chainsaw, I have a little bit of experience already with chainsaws but today, I actually dropped a few trees. Which is cool because I’m a adrenaline junky and it really helped me mentally. The other day I was feeling suicidal and today I’m operating a chainsaw go figure. What a weird life. The old apartment that I ransacked ended up giving me my security deposit back which is some more good news, and another check for I don’t know what, I’m just going to deposit them. Anyway it was a real good day today, other than the fact and I stepped on the scale and I weighed 199 lbs. (I’m such a broad) I need to start working out again, I rarely get over two hundred. Now that Tank the “house dog” is one of my main responsibilities I have someone to go jogging with here on the property. I did some more research on starting my own retail business. I didn’t realize I was into fashion until I came across a youtube and sure and be hold they related it to fashion. I always thought they were just T shirts. I maybe just want to open up my own retail store and sell other peoples products. I’m not sure.

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