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Quarantined and Learning

When you think about it, there is always so much to be done. Whether you are preparing a meal or preparing for a Pandemic of a Virus… All I know is when you are prepared; when something does happen, you do not panic. You utilize those skills prepared. Lysol and Toilet paper…! Too soon? It’s not a lite matter or anything to kid around with, but when the whole country is locked down you tend to knuckle down and become more serious.

I’ve cleaned, bleached, and sanitized everything in my whole home. What a way to get a jump start spring cleaning! Welp this is where I sneak in a bit of the truth or ALL of it. As you know if you followed my blog, I relapsed on alcohol a month and a half ago. After 3 years. I’m coming around. 72 hours go me! What it comes down to it, it is a buncha things, I wanted to feel young, dance, not be socially awkward and a “goodie two shoes”. The stresses of buying a home have been hell. But any way I look at it, it’s a good problem to have. There is even a deeper underlying measure of it all. A woman broke my heart quite a few years back left me without an answer, and since then I’ve been taking it out on everyone. I apologize. I’m focusing on me now, and want to focus back in on Every Rebel’s cause! You know! Helping out and giving back! That’s what I’m all about! Big shout out to one of my Rebel’s representing Every Rebel and raising awareness of mental health and addiction; my friend BeckyJean Thompson. Out of everyone who has supported me, in the beginning. I’d like to inform you we have a community. If you follow the FB page or the Every Rebel Instagram, reach out, connect with someone, me, anyone. The world is smaller than you think. Feel free to ask question.