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Moral Compass Inventory

Well, I’ve decided to do a little more writing on my “Hump Day” blog. With all this isolation and all. What a better way to connect with fans, friends, and family. Hey Family? You guys do read my blog, right? Whatever lol

No seriously, I appreciate everyone’s input and staying connected and I thank you for the continued support.

When it comes to being a Veteran. I was a stateside soldier. I never went overseas. However, when it comes down to hiring a Vet! People may see our resume and say Wow! You were in the Army? He’s/She’s going to make us a TON of money! What I might like to elaborate on is; we have a different skill set… some of us aren’t as fast or as strong as we once were. I don’t know. Do people accept that? I’m asking. Because for a while I was a 3X5 index card. Nearly perfect physical fitness reports.

The Quarantine; anyone else doing a bit of reflecting? As a company, Every Rebel is whole in many ways. Which is great! However, they’re some holes. We do have a Logo now which is cool. (Has not been released) . Have you ever noticed, Every Rebel does not have a CEO? We do/ and we don’t. I’ve always led by the customer. The customer has always been the CEO, also with a combination of God, and a dog mascot, which I have yet to nominate lol. But all within future plans.

During this time of the coronavirus, personally I believe it has drawn closer friends and family. Also, in my life, there is a bit loneliness, reason being, my circle is just so damn small. But the good news is I have an Ice Breaker, We have an Ice Breaker, Every Rebel. I literally; no joke stand behind that brand like it’s a magic cape! I Do! It might be a corporate event ( little old granny making pies for the fair?) or it’s a conversation point at a chamber of commerce meeting!

Ok, it may just seem like Me, I , Andre Pelletier; just LOVES to WORK! Which is true, but I do love to Love? Yes in fact I actually do. I’m ready to love. Is their hope for a spouse yes! But what I want her to see is, There is no amount of money, promotion, beautiful destinations. WAIT… WHAT.. PROMOTION?… that reminds me of work. Do you want to know the God’s honest truth? I never made it to Sergeant in the Army National Guard. I was a Specialist. I was a Specialist for 2 years watching all his friends get promoted. Secretly the promotion I wanted in life was to AboutFace to my Wife and maybe my kids and go home. That is the only promotion I’ve ever wanted in my life/ needed.

And That is That!

Who else has taken a moral inventory of themselves and whos in their lives? I’d love to read some comments below.

O yea… I have a friendship stone, but I’ll tell you that in a later blog.

Get Well Soon Globe!

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