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10 years n’ going

Hey hey Heyyy (Fat Albert voice) What’s up? N2m you? It’s been a long time since we last spoke….

Ok Ok, I’ll start blogging! But for a minute there I thought it would be cool to write a penpal letter. As far as communication goes. Write to Every Rebel We would really like to know how you are doing with the whole Plague going on. How do you express yourself? Is it through fashion, is it through words? Music? How have you been able to learn, adapt, and overcome the current situation of CoronaVirus 19? Write to Us on Our Contact page.

That reminds me of a time way back when I was a bit younger; 14,15 somewhere around that misfit age. Well, it just so happened that this shlum; fell in love way back then. Good thing I made a Mental Note of it to. Because Ever since then, all other relationships have been a wash. (Meaning they didn’t compare) In 2015 I had brush of flirtatious lust, and a nudge to faith. But no, this chump’s MAD single. Resiliency’s a must. Is it tough at times to be resilient; you bet your ass! Is there ever a silver lining yes, of course, there is if you believe there is; you just have to have faith and believe in yourself.

I have been living alone since I was 20 years old, I cannot say I haven’t had any roommates. I’ve had some solid couch dwellers for a few months, and I’ve been a couch dweller myself. What’s the point you might ask? “I live alone too” .You might love it at times, and you know, I might feel your pain if you don’t. The reason I bring it up is, I’ve been at it for over 10 years! One income coming into the household, 80-90 hour work weeks, showing up for the Army National Guard when called to duty, cleaning my own toilet, shower, kitchen, laundry yaddi yaddi yah. I’m a brother, a son, and a friend too!!!!! Mentally I’m tired. Do you know why God made us as humans and not animals? Because God wanted us to be around other humans. I’m not running any Mickey Mouse club here, but after this COVID19 goes far far away and does not return for a very long long long time. I NEED to have more picnics not by myself but with people, BBQ’s, Every Rebel Block parties, Pot Lucks, and fires!



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