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Good morning Every Rebel!…


How’s it going?

Does anyone know what day it is? Or what’s the score? Boy, did 2020 get botched!

However, a lot has happened and is happening in my current life…

Hold on… waiting… waiting… waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

Current Mood: Content with a lot on my mind per usual.

For a guy that trys to achieve true balance of mind, body and soul… life can be perplexed and difficult at times.

Like, weight; can we talk about weight? I’m losing the pounds and focus on eating three healthy meals a day. Drumm roll please 214.8lb. I’m down 12pounds from February! Woop woop go Me!

Also if your unaware Every Rebel clothing apparel has moved from Sunderland, Ma. to Granby, Ma.

Wow Managed to get a house, and have the office and work, the gym, the studio, and the study all separate. 2,300 sqft never felt so good. I owe it all to my studying. Daymond John books, and Daymond Ondemand,

Another good study is Grant Cardone,…. The Secret to Closing manual ABC BABY!!

Time is all about sharing moments, every time I write it’s like sharing a little moment, or character of who I am. I’m learning from the greatests… God…. for 1. However, entrepreneurs, people like-minded, and people doing GREAT things!!! From my company to the t-shirts, to this little book of dialogue I write; called a blog. I can’t help but weed my garden until I’m “utterly alone”… (Lydia Beetlejuice)

I took on the challenge, of faith, God’s path for someone else, and well. I tried helping a heroine addict. My Brother! In my heart nearly three years ago, I incorporated him into my dream, however we didn’t dream the same dream. As you probably know from Every Rebel and raising awareness of mental health and addiction through t-shirt.s I’ve had my corks with drugs when I was a teenager and which lead to a few relapses in my 20’s.

This is ongoing for my brother, 12+ years of heavy use. I went so far as starting a non profit and he be the first one to go through, with a custom program tailored to him. This all went terribly wrong, and I actually had to have him removed from my home, and place of work for smoking crack, and finding nearly 400 empties of H.

I feel defeated morally… temporarily because, ever since my baby brother was born, I had this engraved into my skull, this is your little brother, and you need to look out for him! I let it go! I have to look out for myself. Because he decides to be criminal, that’s his issue. I need to remain positive. There is a lot of good in my life.

Bands Bands bands… bands… I’m not talk’n stacks of cash like Juicy J.

But I’m talking wedding bands? 🙁

I don’t understand.

Yet again, “utterly alone” lol

Fucking things don’t make sense to me! Like the ever so up and coming!!!! Salice Rose, says; “God will break your heart so bad…. that you might not get it… but you going learn from it, and thank him later!” Real Talk!

You gon’ learn today! lol

However, I’m a little gender-neutral, and definitely queer, whether it be from trauma or it’s how I choose to live my life… one thing I hate. I hate being ignored or talked over. whether it’s someone else insecurities lashing out on me where I don’t have a voice. It’s also fucked up. I have also tolerated 20+ years of the silent treatment from gas lighting, hurtful, narcissists. The whole gender-neutral thing to me is, I always grew up playing Mom and Dad. I’ve even thought about changing my sex. Before all that, I think I was 7 years old my dream was to get married and have kids, and have so pets, dogs, ME…

My parents were assholes and took on dating rather than parenting. Kudos to those parents doing it out there!

My circles are so tiny, they are basically the one’s I pace at work, or in the actual part of the house I live in! Lol. Because these lips aren’t kissing anything but the ground you walk on! Amen. Amen!

Have a wonderful day!