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Move to DV Farm

Yesterday 03/08/2018 I made one of the most biggest decisions of my life. I moved to a sober living/homeless farm, DV farm in Gilsum, NH. They have ducks, chickens, goats and a llama. I’m excited to be here however, I left my whole entire family behind in Massachusetts. I have zero responsibilities right now on the farm which is good but I’m afraid of getting bored because I’m an addict, and we’ll boredom for an addict is we’ll it’s like letting the devil into your mind to ponder. So I can’t wait until I gain some trust here on the farm so I can get some busy work and chores under my belt.

I dedicated my life to a life of smoking marijuana little did I know it would ruin my life, I smoked for 16 years, to later learn to find out I had mental illness I was diagnosed with bipolar. I would self medicate to help ease my depressions. My father figured out that it gave me psychosis. I’ve been in and out of hospital psych units and I’m sick of it. So hopefully after winding up homeless I will learn something from all of this up here at the farm.

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