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Before Enlisting into the Military

3/16/2018 I have a disability that gives me super powers. It’s scary but it’s true, I have bipolar. It sometimes leads me to getting arrested. When I was a kid early teenage years I would use to steal from the mall. Sometimes in quantities that would definitely get me busted for a felony. I was manic it was part of my bipolar. Definitely not a good side of my bipolar or “super power”, but I was high most of the time well all of the time so it didn’t matter I knew I wasn’t going to get caught. I used to talk one of my best friends into stealing with me, no matter what it was electronics, video games, clothes, we would never get caught. My depressions would be the death of my manic episodes I would use pain killers, ecstasy, cocaine, and my drug of choice marijuana, I eventually tried committing suicide due to early stages of schizo affective disorder. I heard a voice inside my head saying grab the bottle of gin, drink it, and grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and commit suicide, so I did . This was due to medications I was on, depakote and saraquil. I ended up becoming inpatient at a local hospital . I eventually weaned myself off these medications and began working for a bus garage. I was fortunate because my uncle ended up getting my that job. After two years and not understanding my bipolar or even knowing I had it, I ended up getting into an argument with my uncle which then lead me to quit the bus garage. I then had to start thinking on my feet. Yes I had a social worker from my suicide attempt but I had to choose between selling my car or keeping my apartment. So I then decide to sell my 2000 Chevy impala so I could afford to keep my apartment. I only got a measly 300 dollars for my car. I walked about 10 miles home to my little studio apartment. I then started thinking on my feet I walked up and down memorial drive in Chicopee applying for jobs. Nothing was biting. Then I grabbed the news paper and seen the Army National Guard ad, I called the recruiter. Yes after finding out I was bipolar and after trying to commit suicide I made an effort to get a military job. The recruiter asked when was the last time I smoked weed I stayed two weeks ago even though it was probably just a few days, I was scared so I lied. It was intimidating having a soldier right in front of me in his army combat uniform. I then proceeding to ask what’s your job, is it to protect and serve? He said yes, the recruiters name was Staff sergeant Patrick Hayes. He convinced me to enlist. He drove me to the Meps station to take the asvab, I failed the first time I took it. It was the only thing standing in my way of my enlistment. I was working at Walmart at the time, no car, no bus, just me walking back and fourth to work. My mother ended up getting me an asvab study booklet. So I studied diligently and took the asvab a second time. I did so well that the recruiter thought I cheated, so I again had to take the asvab a third time. I passed the third one too. Now I was preparing for basic training. I went to FT. Benning Georgia. One of the most toughest schools for boys. I was 22 at the time so no longer a boy they helped me transition into the man I was going to be for the rest of my life.

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