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Tree Burning and Lot Clearing

3/17/2018 Colder weather is on its way and we are still burning at the fire pit, and what I mean by burning I mean whole trees. My boots are holding up well my feet aren’t getting wet, how they get as cold as balls is beyond me. We are even suppose to be getting a third nor’easter in only just a few weeks, New Hampshire blows. However this farm is sort of the shit. The college kids left so it’s just down to myself and my three roommates, Jesse, David, and Ben. I’ve been suffering from insomnia the past I don’t know how long, but last night was the first night I actually slept without my insomnia medications, it took some time, I ended up working on the fire until about 20:00 then I watched shark tank which I hope my t-shirt company can be on someday, and then I read my book “what on earth am I here for” written by Rick Warren. It’s weird I read books but I have what Mike calls it CRS syndrome, “can’t remember shit” o well from what I’ve heard reading takes practice. This whole burn pit though is out of control I mean we’re actually putting our whole bodies in the fire and now one of my favorite wind breakers has burn wholes in it from embers. Mike is a real anal type guy perfectionist, I guess that’s what develops after being an Army Ranger and served multiple tours.

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