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Im starting to enjoy this being sober thing!

I can’t believe I smoked marijuana for almost 15 years. I smoked so much I forgot what being sober was like. I find myself enjoying laughing a little bit more to realize I didnt have to go get stoned to enjoy a good laugh. These guys up here at the farm are really kick ass. I helped David the oldest of the group make pizza today, I’m trying to pick up as many cooking skills as I can so I can be put on cooking rotation. Right now all I have under my belt is hamburgers and hot dogs, mac and cheese and now I can say I have  pizza too. I already new how to make pizza but have to do it sober, it’s like I have to relearn and do it all over again, it’s weird. Ben is like the stand up comedian of the crew I never met any one as funny as this guy sober, Jesse is like the brains out of all of us. He’s going to school for criminal justice. And as for David he’s 57 and he’s pretty much our go to, for any questions we have here on the farm. As for me, welp I haven’t found out what I’m good at. 🙁 I still got my guitar. maybe I’ll end this blogging session to go practice, sober.

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