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Moving on with my life

Wow! Life really has its blessings once I started sobering up! I haven’t blogged in a while honestly because I was too busy living in the moment. If I wasn’t busy I simply take the time to relax my mind and slow my thoughts. I’ve been sober now over 14 months. I’ve gone the furthest I have ever gone with Every Rebel fashion apparel. Which is amazing! There is an actual store where you can shop. I love it! Time is winding down to an end here at the DV Farm. I’ve made some friends that I could only hope that the friendship last a lifetime! My other family is at the church who I plan on coming up to visit, I’ve learned so much. Every Rebel has a new brand Ambassador which is sweet as heck! Her names Sonya Bil. Check her out on Instagram @sonyabil She’s rocking the “When the Smoke clears” Tee shirt and supports the cause. Networking and Marketing and shadowing Mike Rivers of Dysfunctional Veteran has been a great! So to be honest living at the DV farm a lot of the thinking and projects, and concerns of supporting myself has been taking care of for me “Basic living needs” As I move on from here to my own apartment I will have to develop my own structure to keep my self busy and safe, and sober. Church, meetings, and getting involved in the community. My next, goal is to find a place I can volunteer and find a way to give back to the community.

Out here,