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And…we’re traveling, well me, I’m traveling

Things have changed, surroundings have changed, the mission is still the same. The move from NH to MA went smoothly, there were no relapses or casualties. Wow, I feel like I won an Emmy or Global award, or something, not quite. But their are a lot of people I would like to thank for giving me a chance! I haven’t even settled into my new location yet, but I’m already doing the ground work for a better life. Routine, Routine, Routine… I cannot emphasize it enough. As for a local meeting, I’ve already found a group and attended, found a local church to go to… and to keep my sanity I’m watching what I eat, walking every morning before 7 am, and talking to the people that mean the most to me.

Every Rebel is taking off like a success rocket! I’m already talking to organizations who want to get involved, and fund. I’ve spoken to a young gentleman who is a professional skateboarder retired. I don’t want to throw names around but, “he knows people”. Every Rebel cross their fingers and hope we make the am/pro circuit of skateboarding.

The rest of this week my efforts are already focused on giving back. I will be donating my time to the organization that helped me to avoid homelessness, the chance of relapse, and overall helped make me who I am today the DVFarm.