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Road to change

Boy O Boy! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I have periodontal disease; it’s a dental condition of bone loss in the jaw. I have been trying now to maintain it for close to two years. My oral health is doing a lot better now that I have been able to go to the dentist. The depression that I was battling at the homeless shelter over the course of 15 months, did not help my dental hygiene at all. I have to go to a periodontist next month, hopefully, I can keep all my teeth.

What people see, is most often what people believe. If someone puts a photo on facebook and they are smiling, is this how they feel? How they’re portrayed to be? I say this because I still struggle with negative thoughts. The thoughts of morbidity, self-pity, or worthlessness. I’ve lived alone now for almost 10 years, excluding the time that I spent at the DV Farm. Sometimes, I’m left asking myself, what’s wrong with me? You know, I try not to entertain, or indulge in those thoughts, but I do have them. Working with my case manager and my therapist through the VA has been a blessing. I do not think of myself as being sick, or bipolar, or any of that jazz. I just think of it as a support system, to see how I am feeling, what I’m doing, just to monitor any progress or lack thereof in my life. It’s all about moving forward and becoming a productive member of society am I right lol?

I am proud of myself! It’s not a… too much pride thing, or conceited thing. It’s more self-awareness. It took a lot for me to get sober, and I still make efforts to maintain that status quo. It took a lot for me to open up and talk about my life. It takes a lot to start a business. All in all, I enjoy taking footsteps forward in life. With Every Rebel out of the bag, it’s a learning curve. I’m running into scenarios where I know a lot about! Then there are others where I completely know nothing. I look forward to growing and meeting new people in the Every Rebel community and share and listen to your stories.