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Pshh… I have something to tell you

Hello… It’s me… I was going to bust into the Adelle song right there but, I decided against it lol. What I’ve been doing lately is trying to reach a happy medium, instead of spiking insanity to dull and plain. It’s difficult. However; my ongoing theme “You’re only as strong as your support”; yeah I just quoted myself :p keeps me sane; I think! I continue to reach and speak to someone new every day… Literally, speak, I pick up the phone and call. There was no texting back in my day, or facebook. Email was around but that’s beside the point. There is so much you can learn about a person just by listening to their voice. For those people that just let their phone ring, don’t answer, because all you know how to do is manipulate through text. Screw you, you ignorant bastard. I’d apologize but I am not sorry. “Watch your microaggressions Mr. Pelletier” For some answering the phone can mean life or death. I’m serious. I get your working or busy, send a text. Let your friend or colleague leave a message, call them back. If they called you, return that same energy. Random rant then I’m done. This whole thing about importantness. For those people that answer the phone like this. HI, I’M REALLY BUSY RIGHT NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT!? Negative Energy AF. You could interject and state this is dire. Sometimes I find myself calling someone, and it’s not an emergency, and I simply want to make plans. If they answer the phone like that, I rethink these plans to hang out with that person.

Life bookmark: I have lipids in my triglycerides

That last statement is totally irrelevant to what I want to tell you, but it’s a reminder of me of where I’m at in life. I have to reconsider my food choices and decisions I make in life. I mean those chooses have always been there for me, however, when your neglecting your body, vaping, smoking cigs, as Drill Sgt. Taylor would say; “eating fatty cake”… I was homeless for 15 months at a program. I had millions of things to worry about other than health.

Now I’m sounding my age, or “Old” health is wealth!

THIS IS IT! This is what I’ve been wanting to tell you. Every Rebel is growing and we want to start a foundation. If you follow the FB page or the instagram you’ve probably got a little taste of what’s in store for Every Rebel. The Every Rebel Foundation is geared towards helping youth and young adults who struggle or simple need structure. That being said we are looking for your rebels. If your child or teenager is tangled in the court system, probation struggles with alcohol or addiction, lack of family support or lacks thereof family. Welcome to the Every Rebel Family! We will be providing; when our doors to open, a way for these young adults to begin to develope going working relationships, practice effective communication skills, while either working of probation hours or more importantly creating a resume. As incentive. Yes, we are thinking about Cool Stuff before the actual work begins, but Every Rebel wants to send you or your children to Woodward Camp. Woodward is like the “Rebel Hub” across North America. It offers Gymnastics, Skateboarding camps, Bmx and much more… If you support what we do please visit the Every Rebel store and feel free to shop. The income there raised from your purchase of streetwear and other merchandise… is not income… it is seed money to purchase everything Every Rebel needs for its foundation and to support its program. All your Rebels out there! Thank you.



Andre Pelletier
Every Rebel COO/Founder
Phone: 413-800-4938