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Better late than never…

What is up? Wow, that is a very loaded question. Every Rebel has direction… it’s yours, It’s for the people. I created Every Rebel to be a conversational piece as an artist. It may seem to be pretentious. Yet it is very true. Todays modern-day there is a discord of communication. People are not expressing how they feel, what they need, or what they mean. Instead, I myself included, shut down and we retreat to our comfort zone. Sure it’s a safe bet, as long as your comfort zone does not involve drugs or alcohol. I pray that I am not stereotyping but what I mean by that is; Every Rebel is taking on a life of its own. I’m going to let the cat out of the bag here! I don’t want to sound like a broken record… one second to reflect… I WAS HOMELESS LIVING AT A REHAB 3 Months ago! I can’t believe this is my life today! Every Rebel is my dream and I’m sharing it with you all.

Every Rebel has their first tent event selling t-shirts this Saturday in Gilsum, NH. at Old home day… Wait it gets better…I don’t know quite how to do a fancy flashback without special effects, but I need to rewind. Every Rebel is MAKING NOISE! Two weeks ago, I might have been lallygagging or busting my ass off with this company. I miss a call, right? I have a voicemail… I check it. It’s from non-other than, the producer of Barbara Corcoran’s Inc. … Yes thee Barbara Corcoran from the ABC television show Shark Tank. Also The Star; of Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran. HOW AMAZING IS THAT GUYS!? I’m still waiting for the audio on her podcast. Oh yeah, I called her back, and nailed the interview. (A little key detail I left out). I think the Podcast was gold. Barbara was answering questions, giving advice, but more than anything. She supports the cause! I could leak some of the interview, however, I don’t know what legal technicalities or copyrights of the show are, but I am NOT messing with an $80 million dollar lady. Unless there’s always a benefactor, Every Rebel goes on Shark Tank.

This started off as my blog a year and a half ago, but turning more and more about business. Let me let my shoulders down for a little minute here. What’s going on with Andre’s bipolar…? That’s a great question. I feel like I’m white-knuckling it. I am stable which is an amazing feeling. I have control of my life and my higher power is leading the way! 17 months sober and loving it! No hospital visits for over a year. Things are peachy. As far as Every Rebel taking direction, so has my life, I have found something I am completely nuts about. lol. As Barbara says “passionate”

Bonjour, I’ll fill you in, in two weeks. You’ll get to meet someone else new, and very exciting. (HINT) She’s on TV too!