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The calm after the storm

Hey, what’s up? It’s been a crazy two weeks. I have been busting out at the seams it seems lol, to get to this biweekly post. Maybe I should start writing blog posts living in the moment, instead of biweekly. What do you think? So I took our brand Every Rebel brought it to the attention of a Shark on Shark Tank. She answered my questions very thoroughly. Then a week later, I’m selling Every Rebel T-shirts at a local fair. Then hauled ass up to Canada to bring it to the runway, there was a fashion show up there! How cool is that!? And a model has an Every Rebel T-shirt! However, I will not be name dropping…Now I’m selling T-shirts at the Mountain Farms Mall in Hadley, at the FACES store. (Faces, such a staple for this area, fun and accepting retail joint) This Saturday will make two weekends in a row, I’m selling in a storefront. (Check me out 8/30/2019 335 Russel St 3pm to midnight) If Every Rebel is before it’s time, so be it. It could be just the tip of the iceberg, who knows? I leave that up to my higher power. Yeah, I dig faith and faith digs me.

Work has been great! However, I’m lacking things emotionally. One being medication. I had a strong support system up at the DV Farm. It seemed like I had a friend or someone, even an animal to talk around every corner. Now that I’ve moved on from the rehab/work therapy program/ for the homeless. I am alone 95% of my day. Sounds awesome, but it can be very difficult with bipolar. I am ashamed to say it guys, (I have been living the stigma.) I took a risk with my mania to get a lot of the groundwork done for Every Rebel. Personally, my opinion it worked. I talked to a Shark, Made the Runway, Now Every Rebel is in the mall. I have to brush up on my people skills. Being a Boss you don’t get to work on many interpersonal relationship skills. So this week I am going to talk to a specialist about medications; this is direct orders from my case manager. I’m not typically an angry dude, but my temper has been flaring, along with depression. This way I get to know people better, rather than just focusing on myself and my moods. Things are going so well; you could say that I am living the dream, but being a bipolar addict in recovery, welp it’s not all peaches and creme.

Wish me luck, I am interviewing people to join the Every Rebel team. Youtube and so much more is on the horizon. Thank you for your support, Talk soon…


P.S. I still have all my teeth Yayy!