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A Day Late and a Buck Short

Literally a Day late! I don’t know how I let my biweekly blog on Wednesday’s escape me. I always think to myself; I can’t wait for my blog, I have this to say, I have that to say, and by the time it takes me to get to writing the blog, I forget. However, I take the absenteeism as a good thing. I am not only talking to members of my family but hanging out with them as well! It feels good to have the people that are so close to me, and not to mention related, back in my life. Don’t misconstrue what I write, because One. we are far from perfect. Two. we have our own special quirks and boundaries. Family Yes! Non the less!

LIFE is? Part mother nature, and part free will; in my personal opinion. In other words. This new chapter of my life is crazy as shit! There is a lot of ups and down… more like… corkscrews and loops! Do you want Personal details or Business? Well here’s both. It’s 5:00 am 9/12/2019 so please bear with me. I feel so guilty, that I’m a day late on my blog, and that’s why I’m doing it at the ass crack of dawn. So I’m spending more time with family which is great! There’s no greater love than that, other than my higher power. I’m 18 months sober woowho. Was it hard, yes! Damn right it was hard. I live in a town where they have fields of weed growing! For the most part, what’s kept me sober is my higher power and my support system. “You are only as strong as your support” yes I just quoted myself, but I do truly believe in the statement. I’m coining it!

I’m looking back to the past two weeks and finding what feelings were the most overpowering. Do you want the good or the bad? Sure the bad feeling first. ANXIETY. Anxiety was the bad feeling I’ve had over the past two weeks. The kind of anxiety that felt like I was have a heart attack. I did my research at the VA about medication for anger and anxiety. We leaned more towards a sensory resolution and decided to try Alpha Stim. A drug-free therapy that sends little electric pulses to my ear lobs, to massage the brain and alleviate anxiety. The best way I could put it. I have not started that treatment yet, however, a wise woman told me once, Benadryl can help alleviate anxiety. The only side effect is that it makes you sleepy. Maybe that’s why I missed my blog yesterday. That stuff knocks me out! As for Anger, talk therapy is really working well. I also have some great outlets too (guitar, piano, walking, reading, and cooking).

Now the good feelings. Joy and happiness! I would probably have to say my feelings these days. Are 60-40. 60% Joy and 40% some kind of anger anxiety demons lol. Life is good though. Not all rainbows and unicorns, but it’s most definitely better. My favorite part of being sober is I’m spending more time with my brother. Is it perfect? No. Do we still argue, Yes. But overall we do fun stuff. So far this year, we have gone fishing and went to a Red Sox vs Yankees game. The Red Sox lost. However, family Won. We’ve had a Labor day picnic with Mom, and we have plans to go see a new movie. I truly cherish that bonding time.

Now as for work. Things couldn’t be greater. Every Rebel has challenges. Don’t we all? But if there were no challenges or needs to be met, I would be out of business fast. Things are slow, but it’s all gravy. I need that time, because still to this day, I am operating alone and am having a hard time putting an Every Rebel team together. No one wants to work for free. Just me, I’m that special kind of nuts. If you would like to help strategize or help create the position you want with Every Rebel. Please email me at There is an Every Rebel buzz out there but let’s see if we can’t turn that Every Rebel buzz into a song for the whole world to here. As for Every Rebel in the media. I haven’t created a “For the press” section on the website. There is some tech and IT issues there. For right now, everything is word of mouth. The latest release of Every Rebel in the media is my interview with Barbara Corcoran. Check it out, episode 67 click here. Have a good one! Talk soon!