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The Rut!

Hey, It issss….. 12 days before Thanksgiving. I’ve already played the Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler two or three times on my guitar. Not too shabby… So, what my blog has been missed two times in the past month? The answer is, Yes. I can explain. If you haven’t received my business card by now; my title is the Cheif Operating Officier. Why NOT CEO right? CEO, I don’t want to stereotype, but the title or how I’d identify with the company……….”I didn’t want to be thought of as sitting behind a computer” However, the job comes with the title.

Over the past month… O Boy what a Roller Coaster! Ummm where to start? Let’s bring back the CEO thing for a moment, shall we? Andre, did you know you are also the CEO? Yes, but I’m not used to the shoes. Ever since my relapse with marijuana, it’s been rough. I wasn’t showing up to work. I wasn’t making any sales. Volunteering with Heroes, Horses, and Hounds in Sunderland, Ma. was at my forefront. Pets just have a way of keeping me sane. My routine was thrown. But what I’ve learned from other CEO’s is that you need to have fun at the workplace, and when you’re not working. It makes sense to me anyway. So, I had fun. I checked out a casino, made $700 off $60 of betting. That’ll never happen again. I’ve always heard you never win as much as you put in. Also, gambling…nut uh… bad juju. Especially when it comes to running a business. I checked out snowboards, and picked up a couple. I’m even going White Tail deer hunting next month. Trying something new so I can try and think of creative ways to let Every Rebel employees have fun, and also let our customers in on the fun too.

So there is lots in store for Every Rebel when it comes to 2019 and the Holidays. Giveaways and Contests! It’s everything in my arsenal, of 1, staying trendy and two giving back. How I am helping people, that’s what really makes my pockets swoll; well more my heart. Whether it’s for family or friends, it always feels good to help.

Turkey time… I can’t wait or is it… weight… no, I’m certain it’s. I can’t wait. On the other hand, the weight I took off. I put it all back on. from 213lbs all the way back up to 225lbs. “Momma said knock you out”! Not exactly, more like Momma, said ‘You need to hit the gym’. It’s funny because I do have a gym membership. I just need to stop coming up with excuses. I am excited to see my family for the holidays. Honing in on what I need for meds for bipolar, and what kind of space I need dealing with addiction has helped tremendously. I do pray for other members of my family and extended that they have a safe and addiction-free holiday.

Putting things in perspective. I’ve toned back and started placing boundaries and recognizing boundaries that need to be addressed. One boundary, well it’s not work involved it’s not charity involved, it’s just about me. That one boundary I’d like to explore is my love life. At the DV Farm we had a wish list. They should make the dating app the Dysfunctional Veteran crew because. Well, this Christmas I want a KISS list. Not the band either. After nearly 20 months of sobriety and celibacy. I kiss a boy…. and I liked it. I also kiss a girl… I also don’t tell by the way 😉 but being a Queer guy. I just want someone I can have fun with and be around.