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Only Time Will Tell

Sometimes, things just need time.

I was all excited to get back to blogging today. It’s been a while. I took a long ass vacation. I needed to regroup, reorganize, and educate myself. Am I now perfect? Nope far from it!

It all started a long time ago in a place far away. NOT!

It… It, being a pattern of my bipolar. It started in the Fall around my Birthday. It goes My Dads Birthday, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Blah, New Years. Anyhoot, It’s a lot of ups and downs of excitement, followed by depression. Imagine, I’m sure some of you can relate.? Everything is all hunky-dory on the outside but on the inside, your falling apart. I fell apart for a bit. I took from Thanksgiving to New Years off. I am hoping this may be one of those companies where employees can take as much time as they need off. I mean it is a bonus to start your own business. However, not too many people know I have this disability and it requires quite a bit of attention. Time off helps.

During my time off. I did quite a bit. I went on a couple of dates with a girl. I tried, it didn’t work. I still had fun. I took up hunting! That is wicked cool. Something that humbled me, and made more appreciative of how well we have it made in 2020 herein America. If you’re reading this. You’ve got it made. There are people, all over the world even in America too. They do not have a cellphone, no internet, dirty water, hungry and dirty linens. If you’re at a shelter, and you have 20% of any of those things. You should work, Get off the corner. If your idea of hustling is slanging drugs, or straight bumming. 1. you have the wrong friends 2. your wrong.

I feel bossy, it kind of sucks TBH. Or I’m trying to fix other people’s lives. which I do not do at all. I work on me, and while doing so I try to bring joy to other people. I only share my stories and opinion, with hope someone does not make the same mistakes I did.


You have severe mental illness and don’t take your meds. No Bueno

You ingest any substance you can get your hands on to no longer feel pain. This also included (intravenous drugs) No GO

You most often get high or drunk and Isolate. (Afraid of the world out to get you. Afraid, no one likes you.) Do Not Pass Go

Guess What? If you read all this. I like you! Those three hypotheticals, I’ve already done. And I’ll tell you. My life spun out of control. It wasn’t until after I got some sobriety under my belt, and I was homeless. That I learned. DO NOT MAKE THOSE MISTAKES ABOVE. If you do, it is a big deal, and I’m sure there is someone who wants to hear all about it.

Did I tell I did something out of the norm during my time off? It was Funny as Fuck. I dressed in complete drag Haha! They’re pictures to prove it. Anyway, I’m not doing a Caitlyn Bruce thing. I just got it out of my system. Those silly sons of bitches…. Jim Carey, Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley the Wayans Brothers. I was about 12 when I seen all yall monkeyasses dressed up as a woman. What the hell do you think that does to a boy who just hit puberty. Oh, Ya David Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters. I think I even saw Kurt Cobain in a dress lol.

I hope you laughed, have a great day!